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Build a profile for free and let brands find you, or submit to as many gig posts as you'd like!

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Once a brand has selected you to make content, we'll review and approve your photos or videos.

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Because we collect money upfront from the brands, you'll get paid for your work promptly and without hassles over rates.

What kind of content do brands want from you?

Product Demos

Also known as UGC, these videos are in high demand by brands to build credibility and trust with customers.

Lifestyle Shots

Help brands see their products in action with lifestyle shots

Unboxing videos

Share your excitement of that first moment when you unbox your favorite products.


An up close and personal review of your product experience.

Creator perks?


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More reasons why JoinBrands is the best place to create

  • Get Rated

With every piece of content you create you have a chance to rack up reviews and higher ratings which means more opportunities to get paid for your content.

  • Respond to brand submissions

Brands are able to post open calls for types which means you get to be in the driver seat too and select which brands and projects you’d like to work for.

  • Never haggle on prices

We respect your value! You’ll never be put on the spot to negotiate rates. Once you’re booked for a brand your content price is guaranteed as long as quality checks have been met.

Brands love us

Find out why the best brands are working with us to get real content from real people.

  • Real People Only

No actors, no overpaid influencers. This is the only marketplace dedicated to creating genuine content made by real people.

  • Quality Content

You won't waste a second dealing with issues on quality or production. We have quality checks built into our review process for every creator applicant.

  • Set rates

All rates are agreed upon and confirmed before work is submitted. That means no more unexpected rate negotiations.


What if I've never made photos or videos before?New content creators are welcome! If you've got a smart phone with a camera, you're good to go in our book. Most important is you being yourself and creating real videos for our brands.

Do I get to keep the products I try?
Heck yes you do! Once you're selected to create content by a brand they'll send out a product for you to work with and keep after the gig is done.

Do I have to speak in my videos?Speaking is optional, but will open you up to more opportunities to book work. Some brands just need lifestyle photos of their products or unboxing videos which may not require any speaking.

How much money can I make?It's totally up to you. You can work as much as you want. Many talents work on JoinBrands full time and some keep their 9-5 job while using JoinBrands to make extra money.

How much time will I need to invest?It's very flexible. You need to put in some time and effort in the beginning to learn the marketplace and then you can decide for yourself what amount of work you want to do.

How do I get paid?Once you complete a buyer's order, the money is transferred to your account. No need to chase clients for payments and wait 60 or 90 days for a check.

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